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In recognition of the Chinese New Year 2016 we’d like to show off a few special Chinese pieces from our collection here at Turco Persian.

Chinese art is full of interesting motifs of animals and flowers. The pictorials are full of symbolism and purpose.

All three pieces below contain motifs of cranes or herons and specifically the red-crown crane variety. The crane is significant in Chinese art as a symbol longevity, wisdom and nobility.

4053540545Chinese Saddle Bag







The significance of two cranes in the second antique piece (circa 1905) is the ultimate symbol of longevity. The Chinese script in the top right corner of the rug is an old form of Chinese writing showing somebody’s name. The name is most likely for whom the rug was made for or gifted to but could also be the weaving artist.

The third rug is an antique Chinese open faced saddle bag (circa 1900). Along with the crane motif is a deer. The deer in Chinese art symbolizes endurance, grace and a long life. The deer and crane together is for a very long and graceful life.

crane&deerCrane motifs can also symbolize immortality as a reference to Taoist immortals who were believed to have magical abilities to transform into cranes for long distance travel.

Another interesting antique Chinese piece in our collection measures 2’7″ round (circa 1900). Its scene depicts a small village and tranquil stream. It is unique because of its shape and how the vibrant colour blue has stood up over time. It’s a great collector piece.

40547All of these items are available for sale in our showroom. Simply click on the image for more information. For other Chinese pieces in our collection Click here.